Mighty Men of Valor

Mighty Men of Valor

I come from a society where some of the men are declining in value instead of increasing. Men have lost the grip of leadership and example that the society need and this has negatively affected the family unit. When a father spends most of his time drunk outside home and not providing for his family, the women and children are forced to undergo untold suffering. Some of the men become violent under influence of alcohol and physically abuse their wives and children.

I believe that lack of life purpose can cause a lot of damage. A person without purpose does not have to live for anything and so they tend to pick by default negative character and destructive behavior.

But there is hope and I am blessed to have partnered with Pastor Joseph Kimani of AIC Murungaru to lead an initiative called Mighty Men of Valor. This initiative is aimed at addressing the above challenges in the local community and starting at Jerusalem (Our home place) we have started with a group of young men whom we are working together to help in the following areas:

  1. In still their value and self-worth
  2. Bring life purpose to the man
  3. Help them to stop/reduce alcoholism
  4. Bring them back to building their life and family at all spheres: economically, Morally and Spiritually.
  5. Enhance Society thru empowered men.

With this objective, we have a facility that accommodate these men who are brought in by invitation and make a pledge to abide by our common agreed values. We provide a safe place where men can discuss their challenges in life, why they went to alcoholism and thru sharing and opening up, find accountability partners to walk them thru this journey of self-awakening and empowerment. We pray with them and request all believers to join us in praying for their inner transformation which only God can do as we do our part. The facility is equipped with meeting rooms, social places with men games like pool, dart, chess, table tennis etc. We also provide lessons on key aspects of life such as family, financial discipline and management, self-awareness etc.

You can join us by engaging us in the form below for feedback, comment, input, contribution (either financially, in Kind, offering training on a topic you know or by referring a man who you believe could benefit from this noble course).

Pastor Joseph 

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