Mentorship is something at the depth of my heart because there can be no future unless the current generation is willing to invest in the next one and so on. In the old days when there was no much writing, stories were passed on from parents to children in narration and to the extent that each generation was faithful, the history and values were preserved and future generations were able to live and preserve the good of the society.

In modern world we have many ways of passing down values and lessons to the next generation including books, recordings, blogs, post etc. We have to commit to be faithful to do our part. Our lessons, our failures and our successes can be very useful to the next generation so they don’t have to make the mistake we made and hopefully that they benefit from our valuable insights.

To this end I committed to mentoring young people thru various means including this website, writing of books, but more importantly a structured gathering of selected young people that I work with to be a value addition to their life. This mentor group or success teams as I call them meet once a month and we discuss key areas of life and I openly share my life lessons as I listen to their struggles and opportunities. We talk on areas such as self-awareness and help us understand what really drives us and make us make the decisions we make. We talk about productivity and how to get more done in an era where majority claim time is scarce. We discover that the issue is never time but yourself management. We dissect financial discipline and why so few reach financial freedom while challenging all to be in that rare few.

What I must confess is that in as much as I prepare and plan to be of impact to the young people and sure hope I do, I think I benefit the most and my life has exponentially changed ever since I started this mentorship.

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